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Recycling has been a way of life for nearly forty years in the Town of Rossville.  What began as a fundraising project for senior classes at the local high school, now includes a program for recycling newspaper, cardboard, steel and tin cans, aluminum, plastics 1-7, glass ( clear, brown and green), and used motor oil.  Rossville also has a composting site where residents can bring leaves and unwanted yard waste. The recycling program in the Town of Rossville positively impacts the community by making available an alternative to the landfill, and by providing income for the Town through the sale of recycled materials.

How did this successful recycling program begin?  In the early to mid 1970’s, the senior classes at Rossville High School collected newspapers for recycling from town residents as a fundraising project.  At the end of the decade, as senior classes pursued other fundraising opportunities, the Boy Scouts, and later the FFA (Future Farmers of America), assumed the collection of newspapers for recycling.  The participation in recycling kept growing, and eventually it reached a point where the Town offered to store the newspaper at on of it’s buildings.  The building became a central collection point where residents could drop off their newspapers and other types of paper for recycling.

In the Late 1980’s, the Town of Rossville began expanding the program by accepting cardboard, glass, steel and tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and used oil.  Originally these items were kept in large cardboard boxes, but once again the amount of recyclables collected kept increasing.   In response, the Town purchased three roll offs to hold and separate the materials.  The three roll offs are designed for collecting newspaper, cardboard, and plastics.  Glass is collected in large plastic tubs.  There are separate tubs for clear, brown and green glass.  There are large cubic yard boxes called gaylords for collecting steel and tin cans.   Aluminum cans are collected in a separate gaylord.  The recycled oil that is collected is given to a local farmer who uses it as fuel for heating his hog barns.

Although the Town of Rossville does not have the capacity to process hazardous materials, such things as oil based paint or products wih hazardous chemicals are often left at the recycling building.  Residents are urged to bring these types of materials to the Wild Cat Solid Waste District in Frankfort where they can be properly handled and disposed of.  Also with recent changes in state law, electronic equipment and small appliances are no longer to be disposed of in landfills. These, too, are of ten dropped off at the Town’s recycling building.  However, the Town does not have a plan for handling such items, and they are also to be taken to Wild Cat Solid Waste District for recycling at no charge.

As mentioned earlier, the recycling program provides a source of income for the Town of Rossville.  In the year 2011 alone, the Town took in over 155 tons of recyclables which returned over $10,500 in revenue.

Recycling in the Town of Rossville has become an established program that has th capacity to broaden it’s services in response to increased participation.  Rossville welcomes individuals from neighboring towns and counties to use it’s recycling program.

What started with the collection of newspapers from town residents as a fund raising project developed into a full recycling program.


Rossville Composting 

Any yard waste, such as leaves, tree limbs, and grass clippings should be taken to the park.   The compost area is now located at the south end of the Town Park.  Easy access to the compost area is off N. East St. at E. Ramey St.  One pile is for tree limbs, sticks, and bushes.  The other pile is for leaves, old flowers, straw, and grass clippings.

Please empty the containers or bags you bring these items in and take the containers or bags home with you.  We will not accept any trash, carpet, furniture, or building materials such as roofing, concrete, or lumbar at this location. Professional landscapers and tree trimmers are not allowed to use this site.

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*Town of Rossville is not affiliated with Wild Cat Solid Waste District

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20 East Ramey St.
Rossville, Indiana 46065
24 hours a day
(765) 379-2645
Patricia McIlrath

Accepted Materials

The following materials are currently accepted at the Rossville location.