All types of batteries can be recycled at Wild Cat Solid Waste District.  Rechargeable batteries contain heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium, and lead that can be recycled and made into new batteries.  Wild Cat Solid Waste District now takes alkaline batteries as well.

Lead acid batteries can also be taken to Wampler’s Recycling, Oscar Winski Recycling, and all of the Frankfort Automotive centers that sell batteries.

Batteries Accepted

  • lithium
  • lithium ion
  • nickel metal hydride
  • zinc air
  • lead acid
  • Alkaline
  • nickel cadmuim
  • Button type batteries
  • Drill batteries
  • phone batteries
  • laptop batteries


Accepted Locations

Batteries and related materials are accepted within Clinton County at the following locations:

Related Materials

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